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The best software platform for Collaborative Robotics applications programming.

Robpod Studio makes Universal Robots scripting fast, easy and flexible.

A developer tool made by roboticists for roboticists.



Make your robot smart!
Make your robot think!

Use robpod tools to build cognitive robotics applications.



When everything is connected anything is possible!

Integrate robots, machines, devices and people with robpod.



Let people and robots work together!

Build collaborative robotics application with robpod.

Robpod Studio

Robpod Studio is an Integrated Development Environment designed to make Universal Robots scripting extremely fast and easy.

✔️ Speed up development of UR scripts with Live Code Auto-Completion and AI suggestions.

✔️ Test and develop robot scripts inside Integrated Simulation environments.

✔️ No need for USB drives, instantly transfer your code from PC to real robots using Synchronization functions.

✔️ Power up user experience with Custom HMI Panels running directly on Universal Robots teach pendant.

robpod studio and universal robots


robpod studio platform

Robpod Studio Platform

The complete PyCharm platform with
everything you need to get started already installed.

robpod studio plug-in

Robpod Studio Plugin

Just the Robpod Studio Plugin to be installed
on your existing PyCharm Instance.


All our license plans follow a floating model. With a one-time purchase, you gain the freedom to program any robot without limitations across multiple PCs and devices. Even when the license expires, worry not – all your developed programs will continue to run smoothly without the necessity of renewal. All your creations will work without interruption.

free plan


15 Days trial period with complete access to all Robpod Studio features.

PRO plan

Profesional License

€ 1200

€ 950

Launch Offer! You save 20%

One Year Professional license with all Robpod Studio features included.

LTS plan

Long Term License

€ 2400

€ 1900

NERD Offer! You save 45%

Extended Three Years Professional license with all Robpod Studio features included.​

Check the License FAQ section if you need more information about payment and how license works.

Contact us if you prefer to pay by invoice or need any other info, we are happy to help.

Truly collaborative

We believe in a real and deep collaboration between robots and humans.

As expert robot programmers, when we approach a collaborative robot, we often have the impression that we are only provided with ultra-simplified tools, almost like toys viewed from my perspective. Tools for expert roboticists are often very raw or completely missing.

For this reason at Robpod we have developed Robpod Studio, an IDE – Integrated Development Environment – for expert collaborative robots programmers. We want to take care of expert users so they can take care of beginner ones.

With Robpod HMI Designer developers can build custom HMI panels for Universal Robots teach pendant, simplifying the way operators interact with robots and achieving great flexibility in the whole production process.



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Established in 2023, Robpod stands as a growing initiative started by a team of expert robotics developers based in Italy.

Continuously evolving, our software platform, Robpod Studio, is committed to provide developers with innovative tools for collaborative robotics and artificial intelligence applications.

Our founding values are: Unicity, Peace, Being NERD.

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