Robpod Studio and RoboDK, a perfect match!

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Robot Simulation Environments

In the realm of industrial robotics, innovation often hinges on the ability to efficiently prototype, test, and deploy applications. Here, simulation environments emerge as indispensable tools, offering a virtualized platform to build and refine robotics work cells before physical implementation. These environments not only accelerate development but also aid in scenario forecasting and optimization, enabling informed decisions regarding implementation alternatives.

Robot simulators are also very useful tools for robot programmers and developers because they provide a cost-effective offline programming approach. Without being physically on-site, programmers can develop a robot program from their office or home using a simulator environment. Only when they have a working, almost done robot program inside the simulator environment, they can go on-site to deploy the solution on real robots.

Widely used robot simulators: Gazebo, Webots, CoppeliaSim, RoboDK.

RoboDK application running on simulation and real environments.
RoboDK post-processor build chain.
Robpod Studio native script simulation and execution.

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